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Version: 12.20.2021.0203

Program available in: English

Program license: Trial version

Program by: Greatis Software LLC

Works under:Windows 7

Unhackme is a intuitive, user friendly application that allows users to free themselves from persistent computer security threats.

Using the application, it's possible for users to root out malware, spyware, viruses, and other malicious processes that bog down their PC's normal operation.

If your computer runs slowly, relies on 100 percent of the CPU, and is riddled with pop-up ads, Unhackme makes it possible to root out system adware. The software works by removing rootkits, also known as undetectable viruses, from the computer.

Rootkits are a specific type of malware that run silently in the background, unknown to the user and the operating system. Over time, rootkits hijack the normal processing of the computer, monitor user activity, and may even steal private user information.

Unhackme is able to remove most forms of malicious, secretive software. The interface allows users to deep scan their system, identify bugs, and automatically remove them.